Question by  jefinsmithgmailcom (16)

How do you fix an ipod that has no sound?

I have no sound coming from my iPod.


Answer by  mlh56880 (84)

First try another song. If that doesn't work, then try different headphones and make sure they are properly connected. If this fails, return to Apple if warranty is valid.


Answer by  worker52 (13)

First step is to make sure that your headphones are connected into the headphone jack of your iPod. Next turn on iPod and turn up volume for maximum quality sound.


Answer by  Cg95 (13)

Well unless you have advanced knowledge in small electronics repair, I would recommend returning it to the place of purchase.


Answer by  euterpe (30)

If you take it to Genius in an apple store they may be able to tell you whats wrong and what you need to fix it or the cost.


Answer by  jseda614 (17)

reset your ipod. ipod with click wheel-hold down (same time) menu button & select button (button in middle of click wheel) ipod touch-to hold down power button & home button


Answer by  John (9008)

This is probably a problem with your earphones. Try replacing the earphones with new ones and see if that works. If there is still no sound, look carefully at the port where you insert the earphones to make sure that it is clean and they fit tightly.

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