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Question by  Sally30 (163)

Why do I hear a synchronized chirping sound when my car is idle?

I have a Ford Taurus.


Answer by  freebird53 (33)

Most often this chirping is either an idler pulley that has begun to wear or it could also be related to the a/c compressor clutch. If it's the clutch it would only happen when the a/c is on. The idler pulley will continue to worsen if not replaced


Answer by  Jennytaurus (144)

Chances are that you have a bad belt or a bad pulley in the serpentine belt system. You can spray belt dressing on the belt to quite it up but it is in your best interest to replace the belt. Check the pulleys while you have the belt off to see if you have any bad pulleys.


Answer by  Hashim (25)

Get to an expert mechanic who will locate the sound, most probably your engine needs timing belt adjustment and the compartment has rubber washers which may need replacement.


Answer by  Amber40 (24961)

Well chirping and squealing are usually caused by the accessories. Usually when the belt is not tight or too tight it can cause noise. Adjust it to factory tension and if the noise persists there may be a bigger problem like a spun bearing or internal damage.


Answer by  Brian91 (10)

You might hear this sound because you have problems with your muffler or it could be a number of things wrong with your engine.

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