Question by  vaniprakash (31)

What could be wrong with my Dodge 2.71 motor that is noisy?

My Dodge 2.71 motor is noisy.


Answer by  hibpmgirl (2166)

It depends on what kind of noise it is making. clicking? Could be belts. Loud rumbling? could be exhaust issues. Sputtering? Issues with your fuel system. grinding sounds you could be having issues with pistons or gears rubbing on each other. If the sound is coming from somewhere else then the engine it could be as simple as debris rubbing.


Answer by  caporfirio (804)

Sludge build-up, fan problems, timing chain failure, or any amount of engine problems. You should have the car checked out by a certified Dodge dealer and have them check on the car.


Answer by  mrsBee (49)

The problem could be sticky lifters. The lifters inside the engine could be sticking from a lack of frequent oil changes. Try replacing one quart of oil with one quart of transmission fluid on your next oil change. You can also try an engine flush. If it is a knocking noise you might have internal engine damage.

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