Question by  shelley (70)

What could be the source of excessive perspiration?


Answer by  spragoo (1500)

You could have a condition called hyperhydrosis. For that you would want to go to a doctor to find ways to help reduce the perspiration. Are you an overly nervous person. Nerves can lead to perspiration problems.


Answer by  david84 (37)

perspiration is an important activity of the body which helps in process of excretion. certain salts and other waste products are excreted through urine and through sweat. excessive perspiration is mainly seen in conditions of high blood pressure and also in cases of cardiovascular diseases. excessive perspiration leads to dehydration,which leads to other diseases.


Answer by  carol (1241)

If you exercise a lot you will normally perspire more. If you perspire a lot without effort then you should check with your physician for an answer.


Answer by  pambam (892)

If you are female and over the age of 45, it could be a symptom of menopause. It's also important to track whether it happens in the day or at night, or specifically in combination with certain foods or medications. Your doctor can perform a test to discover the source.

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