Question by  claire (34)

What could be the reason that I can not run my disk defragmenter?

I have Windows XP, and can't access the defrag program in my utilities. What could be wrong?


Answer by  markochiguegmailcom (514)

There are couple of reasons why: 1) the utility has been deleted (inadvertently or otherwise); 2) the executable file could have been renamed (again, mistakenly or on purpose); 3) it may have been uninstalled in the control panel apple (add remove Windows components)


Answer by  MahmoudNadi (30)

Well, you need adminstrative rights on your account. If your on an account that is limited it won't allow you to run it.


Answer by  Tears (81)

There are several things that could be wrong. Your computer may be to full for starters. If the computer doesn't have enough open hard drive space it wont run the defrag program. If you can not find the feature at all it may have been removed from your computer get a windows disk and run repair.

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