Question by  mangalrai3056gmailcom (34)

How do I run a stovepipe out of a basement window?

I need to run a stovepipe out of my basement window and do not know how to do it.


Answer by  rejoice (216)

You can either use double or triple wall piping for your stovepipe with insulation between the layers. For double wall piping you MUST use stainless steel. Be wise about the size of the piping - it must match the stove size and the intake air flow too to function properly.


Answer by  enlightened (206)

Before you put a stovepipe out of your basement window check two non-technical things. Firstly, is it legal where you stay and secondly, will your insurance company agree to it or allow it. Do it only if it is legal and your insurance allows it.

Reply by busyfingers (239):
You can check with your local building inspector about these rules too. Sometimes the place where you plan to buy the stovepipe will also know the details.  add a comment

Answer by  rjeyanth (194)

Be careful where you run the stovepipepipe - you should make sure it is at the recommended distance from seilings, roofs, windows etc. These numbers are a headache!


Answer by  maber (1427)

As long as it is legal in your area, you just need a slot big enough for the piping and just tape the pipe in the window.

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