Question by  swati (35)

How to get your ipod nano out of the disk mode?

My ipod nano is in disk mode.


Answer by  StevenB (128)

It is very easy to get out of disk mode. Hold the center and menu button at the same time and your device should reset its self.


Answer by  worker3350 (49)

Go on to your itune software and get it started. Connect your ipod nano to your computer. Once the software recognizes the ipod look for the setting that indicates that it is in disk mode. It should be close to the bottom of the screen and uncheck the selection.


Answer by  ZiggyHolmes (127)

Keep it running until the battery runs out. Charge it for a little bit and then turn it on. It should work there.


Answer by  SallyJ64 (3121)

You have to switch that in Itunes, not on the actual I pod. If you go into the settings of the Ipod in I tunes, the screen where you can see the amount of space is on your ipod, there's a small box that says enable disk mode. If you un-check it, it will take care of your issue.


Answer by  flori (239)

Tie the hold switch on and off, press and hold the Select and the Menu button for about fifteen seconds or more. On your IPod screen should appear: `` your iPod is out of Disk mode``.


Answer by  sennico (22)

You will need to reset your Ipod Nano by holding down the menu and center keys for A few seconds. The Ipod Nano will resume normal mode once it reboots.


Answer by  Tiramysu (117)

You should reset the Ipod Nano by pressing the middle select key and the menu button at the same time.


Answer by  Jeenyus (64)

You need to reset your ipod nano. Hold down the menu button and the middle button at the same time for 10 seconds or longer until you see the screen shut off. Let go of the buttons and the ipod will reboot and then it should work normally.


Answer by  worker97 (12)

Try resetting it.. turn the hold switch on then off then hold the menu and middle button at the same time and it should turn off and on.

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