Question by  worker3831 (7)

Can I use castor oil for infant constipation?

I have tried prune juice and infant constipation drops and nothing is working.


Answer by  Anonymous

No, consult your MD especially if the constipation is an on going problem. Karo syrup (2 teaspoons in 4ozs) of water helps for occasional use. Switching to a soy formula is often all it takes to take care of the problem. Metamusal in juice is an effective long term treatment.


Answer by  jlwilson6 (1098)

I wouldn't use castor oil. This can cause a lot of stomach aches for the infant. I wuold recommend putting about a tablesoon of Karo syrup in the infacts bottle. Another method would be to put vaseline on a Q-Tip and gently insert the swab in the rectum and move in a circular motion. They usually go quicly from there.


Answer by  Taytotot (314)

I wouldn't recommend trying anything other then prune juice or pear juice on an infant. If these things aren't working call you doctor to make sure their isn't a need for concern about a potential problem such as a blockage. Also remember infants do not need to go everyday. Especially formula fed babies.


Answer by  brandi10 (816)

Castor oil is available at many pharmacy stores over the counter. If you choose to use castor oil make sure you pick one that is specific for infants. However, try a couple of doses of the drops first and then brown sugar disolved in the water.


Answer by  Mary (2095)

Castor and mineral oil are not recommended for infants because if inhaled they will cause pneumonia. You should call or see your pediatrician for help in getting things moving. If you child is not eating and losing weight seek medical attention immediately.


Answer by  jag (278)

No way! Have you ever drank castor oil? I wouldn't use it for adult constipation. If your baby is constipated give them a bottle of sugar water, or mix 2 tbs of caro syrup in with their formula. If that doesn't work talk to your doctor about possibly using milk of magnesia.


Answer by  RLJeffries (66)

No. Castor oil can actually make the constipation worse in the long run by irritating the bowels and digestive system. Try mixed fruit juice, it always worked better than prune with my kids. If constipation persists, you can also try a warm water enema, but no soapsuds or chemicals.


Answer by  Latin4 (11170)

I wouldn't give the infant anything that the doctor approved. At this age you need to rely on the professionals, not what other people suggest. He might have a blockage.


Answer by  Brittney (1095)

A small amount of castor oil will help. However one of the best things to use is karo syrup. Castor oil has a bad taste and babies don't really like it. Karo syrup works well and has a sweeter taste that your baby will like.


Answer by  phara (36)

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