Question by  janenecf (23)

What could be causing red blotches around my ankles?

I don't have any other symptoms, and it's not really a rash, just red spots.


Answer by  Anonymous

Poor circulation, defective venous valves. Sitting for long periods or working on your feet all day long. Compression socks or stockings may help. See a doctor.


Answer by  Sara (14)

It could be an allergy to the materials used in your socks or the lining of your shoe. Alternatively, it could be heat rash caused by socks or shoes that don't breathe properly. Try switching to socks made out of 100% cotton.


Answer by  Anonymous

my legs are red almost all the way around but not quite they itch and burn sometimes Dr. says it's an infection but not what kind. what could it be? He gave me keflex


Answer by  Anonymous

Hello: I keep getting red blotches just above my ankle bones. They are not there all the time. I also find that my legs overall get very tired all the time, even if I exercise on a regular basis. I also think that my ankles are somewhat swollen.


Answer by  John (9008)

A lot of things could cause red blotches around the ankles. Common possiblities include: poorly fitting shoes; a skin or fungal infection, such as ringworm; and poor circulation.


Answer by  liz211p (1)

what is the red blotchesaround my legs above the ankle


Answer by  Anonymous

i have red blotches around my ankles but i only noticed them when i change from 100% cotton socks to ankle socks reason i change because in training 5 days a week

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