Question by  itarias1 (1)

I am 36. 5 weeks pregnant. I have red blotches on my palms and bottom of feet and both are swollen, should I be concerned?

Is this cause for alarm? I have been dehydrated and having regular contractions the past two days.


Answer by  BirdOnAWire (171)

Yes,call you doctor now. Dehydration causes water retention and contractions and is dangerous. The swelling can also be a sign of pre-eclampsia which can cause blood pressure and sugar problems, kidney failure, and seizures.


Answer by  Jordan10 (143)

These red blotches could be the cause of stress your body is under due to the contractions. Drink plenty of water, it is dangerous to be dehydrated.


Answer by  afamb (557)

You shouldn't be too concerned but should have it checked out anyway by your doctor. Usually, you can get red splotches on your skin simply from the huge change in hormones your body is experiencing. They will go away soon, or following birth of the baby.


Answer by  diane41 (309)

Swollen hands and feet and blotchy, itchy rashes are all normal side effects of pregnancy. Most women suffer some sort of rashing at some point during their pregnancy. In most cases it is related to hormonal changes.

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