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Question by  Andrew16 (4)

Is there a reason to buy a rear projection tv instead of a lcd or plasma tv?

How do you choose a rear-projection TV?


Answer by  LindaLoos (7)

According to industry experts a rear projection TV is still the best technology for a big-screen TV experience, and is the most economical choice you can make for the large size TVs. New technology has enabled them to also be much lighter than in previous years, which is a definite plus.


Answer by  neadha (24)

NO, there is no reason to buy a rear projection screen rather than a LCD or Plasma TV. Rear projection screen televisions are heavy and bulky. The screen resolution is horrendous in comparison to an LCD or Plasma, imagine a a 20 inch screen blown up to 40 inches using a magnifying glass.


Answer by  pryoplasm (444)

Rear projection is slightly older technology that is now outpaced by plasma and lcd. This depends a lot on your budget, but a decently researched lcd tv will be a better choice than most rear projection tv's. Study some tv's, it will pay off for you in the end.


Answer by  mistershock (12)

The only reason to buy a rear projection TV in today's market is to save some money. Craig's List has become a grave yard of large and low-priced rear projection HDTVs. Choose one that is newest and still has all its original working components.


Answer by  bonobo (79)

Honestly, no. Rear projection TVs are much larger and heavier than modern plasma or LCD TVs. They're also a lot dimmer and the picture quality isn't nearly as good. Plus the bulbs have a shorter lifespan and are very expensive to replace.

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