Question by  Marcos (5)

What causes white maggots in my trash can and how do I get rid of them.


Answer by  Edward33 (41)

White maggots are usually caused by flies laying eggs. You can get rid of them by removing or isolating any left over food in your garbage.


Answer by  leann89 (169)

You need to ensure that you empty your trash frequently. Also spraying bleach inside the trash can can help keep the maggots away.


Answer by  worshipr (163)

White maggots are the result of flies laying eggs on rotting trash. Getting rid of open trash and washing out trash barrels will stop attracting flies will solve any white maggot problem.


Answer by  tcat (769)

Periodically clean out your trashcan thourghly with water, soap and strong bleach disinfectant(it is an actual killer). I spray the water into my can and add the bleach and soap and shake it around, and then rinse it out.


Answer by  SunnyStars (836)

Maggots are fly larvae. Flies lay eggs on food, then maggots hatch out of the fly eggs, then the maggots turn-into flies after eating, growing and molting. "Fly sticky traps" are available to buy. Hang these near your trashcan to trap most flies. Keep fly swatters near your trashcan, kill as many flies as possible. Buy trash bins with lids.

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