Question by  ricky44 (2)

When was WHITE rice invented? I mean exactly that--not when BROWN rice was first cultivated, but white rice was invented.

I saw a movie that takes place in 280AD and the characters were eating WHITE RICE!!! I thought milling brown rice to make white was difficult and expensive until machines did it.


Answer by  Che (425)

WHite rice was invented in the 1800s. It was invented because it has a longer shelf life than whole grain or brown rice.


Answer by  sanfayedr (110)

The industrial revolution certainly made processing brown rice easier but the fact is that white rice has been around for centuries before. The use of the motor and pestle alows for milling the rice.


Answer by  timpanydoozer (22)

White rice isn't bleached or processed for whiteness, it's actually just brown rice with the husk and bran removed. It's less a function of time than of the region. It's entirely possible that someone could have been eating white rice c. 280 a.D.

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