Question by  kimdatagirl (14)

How can I clear a maggot infestation?

My husband left raw meat in the trash can for several days and now it is infested with maggots.


Answer by  John (9008)

First, you need to completely dispose of the meat that they were eating. Next, you should thoroughly wash out the trash can. After washing it normally, wash it again using bleach. Be sure that you use a lot of bleach; a whole container for the can is not excessive. This should elminate the problem.


Answer by  ujwalraimjoshi (729)

throw maggot immediately as per hygenic rules. spray pesticide. clean the nearby place and trash can area with dettol or equivalent.


Answer by  bo (874)

You need to remove the maggots from the trash can. Then, clean the trash can with boiling hot water and clorox. Let it air dry in the sun.


Answer by  salsafoodie (3146)

You will need to grab bleach and clean out the trash can in order to kill all of the maggots, you will also need to air out the trash can outside and allow the trash can to be clean out for the maggots. Afterwards you should not have any maggots available.

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