Question by  hawkinsfmcgmailcom (13)

What can you tell me about grants for a single mom's education?

I am a single mom and would like to get a higher education.


Answer by  Mary72 (15)

There are many options for a single mother to get grants for Higher Education. The first and most important step is to submit a FAFSA Free Application for Federal Student Aid. This will qualify you for grants that are income-based such as the Pell Grant and also determine eligibility for many other grants.


Answer by  JLA (21)

Depending on your state of residence there are wide variety of federal programs available to students. Pell Grants and Perkin Loans are two of the most widely know programs. If you are a veteran or work for a particular company there could be additional monies available.


Answer by  Teresa18 (304)

The FAFSA (or Pell Grant) is your best option to get help with your education. It is based on income and how many classes you are taking per semester.


Answer by  wallaby78 (2293)

There are many grants and scholarships available for different types of people. You might get one based on being a single mom, your ethnic background, your work experience, or many other factors.


Answer by  amlongstreet (16)

There are options out there some being depending on the race of the person, the local areas should include adult training facilities and can offer aid or give discounted classes.

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