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Question by  hanaalami (30)

What can I do to stop my dog from eating toys?

I need my dog to stop eating toys.


Answer by  George13 (13)

Apply a coating of a non-toxic, bitter flavored spray to your dog's toys. This type of chewing deterrent spray can be found at pet stores.


Answer by  Texan65 (37)

You can buy a spray for this. Many vets and pet supply stores carry anti-chewing sprays. They're bitter tasting. You spray it on anything you don't want chewed on and dogs will avoid it.


Answer by  iggylizard (352)

The best way to stop a dog from eating his toys is to monitor his play time. Keep in mind that different toys are intended for different types of dogs. You may want to choose a toy that is more durable or better suited to your pup.


Answer by  LadyBay67 (18)

You can spray the toys with a product similar to 'bitter apple'. This is very important to do when their a puppy, an adult dog is very hard to break of this habit. If the toys are for young children and toddlers that have the habit of also placing toys in their mouth, try to keep your doors closed.

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