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Question by  dannyleachlivecom (9)

What can I do to change the xbox 360 split screen mode from horizontal to vertical?


Answer by  corlav (9)

You can only change the split screen viewing mode if the game you are playing allows it. To find out press start and check the settings or the options menu.


Answer by  latha27 (16)

check the menu option of the game. Only some games support both split-screen modes. The split screen will be remaining vertical if your Xbox 360 is set to widescreen and it will be horizontal if it is set to full screen.Halo 2 has the option to change it from the menu.


Answer by  jessepoirier (13)

To switch from horizontal to vertical split screen you need to have a game that allows it. You can find the option on most multilayer games under the menu.


Answer by  BobSXLemon (110)

It depends on the game. For most games you should check the options menus for the graphics or multiplayer settings, not all games support both split-screen modes. For Halo 2, go to the Xbox 360 dashboard and select widescreen mode for vertical splitscreen.


Answer by  xxLcuk (21)

To change from horizontal to vertical split screen mode you need to check the in-game menu for the option to switch. Certain games like Halo 2 has the option to change it from the menu and allows it but some newer games released, like Halo 3, have a locked split screen mode.


Answer by  Reuben (16)

Check the aspect ratio of your tv. A tv set to wide screen will have a verticle split, a tv set to normal will have a horizontal split. You should be able to change this in your display options.


Answer by  Mike13 (24)

Unfortunately, you can only change the mode if the game allows it. While older games like Halo 2 have this option, games like Halo 3 lock in either Horizontal or Vertical mode. If there was an option to change it, you would find it in the in-game menus.


Answer by  Binome (1975)

That is a setting on the game, not on the XBox 360 console itself. In whatever game you want to change the split screen in, you need to go into the options menu and look for an option to change the split in multiplayer games.


Answer by  MrMan (23)

Depending on the game, the setting to change the split screen mode to either horizontal or verticle is usualy under options.


Answer by  diane3626 (26)

In order to do this you must have a game which allows that feature. Check in the manual or go through the in-game menu to see if this feature is available.


Answer by  Vertiglug (240)

In the options menu of any game there is a question that says if you want split screen or horizontal. Choose which one you want.


Answer by  MissMojo (38)

Go into the options for the game itself and check there. That setting is a developer option NOT a system options.

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