Question by  vijay (17)

How do I change my screen back to normal in Windows, I have it magnified?

I was attempting to read some fine print on a document and magnified my screen, now everything is too large and I can not get it smaller.


Answer by  Daniel49 (62)

Right click on the desktop. Select Properties by left click from the menu that appears. Display properties box will appear. You will find list of Tabs ("Themes", "Desktop", "Screen Saver" "Appearance", "Settings") Select Settings tab. In Screen Resolution adjust the slide bar to change the resolution. Resolution will depend on your graphics card or monitor.


Answer by  technogeek (6640)

You would want to adjust the display settings on your desktop. Either through "Properties" in an older version of Windows or in the Control Panel under "Appearance" in XP.


Answer by  GreenSpider (79)

Windows Magnifier is a special feature to help the visually impaired. If you have it on scroll down until you see the window magnifier on the taskbar. Open the magnifier to then click on the red x to close. Also you can right click it on the taskbar to close.


Answer by  japratt (1687)

If you want to change your screen back to the normal view you will need to click the restore button. This button is located between the two other button on the bar.

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