Question by  Jmow (44)

Can you play Xbox 360 games on a regular Xbox?

I have Xbox 360 games and a regular Xbox.


Answer by  Zed36 (31)

In a word - no. A regular Xbox cannot read an Xbox 360 disc and lacks the hardware to run it as well.


Answer by  pants (48)

No, the normal Xbox does not have the proper software to read and understand an Xbox 360 disk. It also does not have the proper hardware to process the information on a Xbox 360 disk or to handle the graphics in Xbox 360 games. So, no you can not play a Xbox 360 disk in a normal Xbox.


Answer by  worker9143 (44)

No it is not possible to play newer console games on older consoles. They just don't have the components or processing power to play them.


Answer by  Jeenyus (64)

Simply put, no. The laser diode in the original xbox is too big to read the data off of an xbox 360 game.


Answer by  mike61 (45)

It is impossible. Original xbox does not read xbox 360 disks. You better sell original xbox and buy xbox 360. Good luck.


Answer by  Anonymous

no it cant because the 360 version is newer so it is more low tech than the 360 so it cant read 360 games

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