Question by  gmc (10)

What can I do if I cannot find c:\program files in windows 2000?

I cannot find c:\program files in windows 2000.


Answer by  KLR (606)

c:\program files contains required os files. If it was accidently deleted look in the recycle folder. Do not turn machine off - back up - copy all needed data files.


Answer by  brian7754 (243)

You likely have "system" files hidden by default. Go to Windows Explorer (right-click on Start and then choose Explore). Go to Tools, then click on Folder Options. Hit the View tab. In the Advanced Settings window, at the bottom, find "Hidden files and folders". Click the "Show hidden files..." radio button, then hit OK.


Answer by  Tim55 (618)

This is a common problem and sometimes a trojan or virus can mask the name, causing a lot of frustration. First scan for a trojan, if there is one installed remove it. Second go to my computer > c > users > your user name and check there. If there are multiple accounts on a computer it could be hidden.


Answer by  davidsmith4deltaedu (338)

Most likely the folder is that, however is hidden. To view hidden folders and files option must be turned on. To do this on "My Computer", go to tools--folder options. In the middle will be an option that should say "Enable viewing of hidden files". Enable that. If you still can't find them, sort the folders by name.


Answer by  GAUTHAM (29)

If NAV damaged by virus infection If you upgraded from Windows 9x to Windows XP without uninstalling NAV Follow the steps in each section in order listed. If the solution in first section does not fix the problem,then try the solution in the next section until the problem is fixed.

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