Question by  steph37 (19)

How can I find the serial number on my handgun?

I need to find the serial number on my handgun.


Answer by  Don13 (11)

The location of the serial number depends on what type of handgun you have and it's place of manufacture. Some countries put the serial number in different places. Most revolvers have the serial number stamped on the frame near the cylinder. Automatics are usually on the slide.


Answer by  Bigmoutaincat (17)

Break it down and look on the inside parts. It should be on the barrel or if you have the paper work that came with the gun look on it.


Answer by  Boats (14)

If your hand gun is a modern, i. e. 20th century hand gun, then the serial number is usually stamped on the frame of the weapon in plain view. The usual format is; name of the manufacturer, model name/number, serial number. A reputable gun dealer can help you find the number.


Answer by  melnjon (39)

There are two locations you can find a serial number on a handgun. The first location can be found on the upper receiver. The second location is under the grip guard. Finding this location requires a flat tip screw driver.

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