Question by  ppisklak (33)

What can I do for my dog's skin problem?

Her skin is flaky and she scratches a lot.


Answer by  Morgan (21)

Usually a medicated bath will help, or test the home environment for possible allergens. The problem could be internal, so if it gets worse, go to a veterinarian.


Answer by  jpremerlani (46)

First, check your dog for parasites. Use a flea comb and thoroughly inspect for fleas. If she is free of fleas try a dandruff shampoo like Head & Shoulders or try a 50/50 mix of white vinegar and clear antibacterial soap. Do not bathe more often than every two weeks.


Answer by  worker9775 (22)

You can give your dog a warm bath. Use some baby shampoo. It's gentile and wont irritate the dogs skin.


Answer by  UOGuy (66)

I know it may be tough but you can put socks on your dogs paws and one of those big white devices around her neck.


Answer by  Chris43 (32)

You can soothe itchy, flaky skin on a dog by mixing oatmeal and water into a thick paste, and applying it to your dog's skin. Rinse after fifteen minutes.


Answer by  karisti (20)

if dog has skin problems you can you differnt products but i would suggest homeo pet skin itch it is used for both flaky and itching skin that cases the dog to scratches it also shed terminator which is foaming waterless dog shampoo help dryness fleaky and itchy both work well with dogs

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