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Question by  kcmac (1)

What can I do for badly sunburned lips that are swollen with pus coming out of them?

my face is sore to touch and my gums are sore to i have blisters on my tongue also,i tried vaseline but that just locked the heat in and made them worse wot should i do??


Answer by  QueedlyMcShane (205)

Must be terrible pain! Try to find some aloe vera gel, or better yet, get leaves from the aloe vera plant. This is safe to apply to mouth and even to eat. Pure aspirin may help. But when this bad, really GO TO DOCTOR as soon as possible!


Answer by  stressedone (166)

Many times an aloe vera gel can be used, but in your case, you have an infected burn in which you would require an antibiotic and the use of a antibiotic ointment that has been recommended by the National Burn Association.


Answer by  soothsayer (500)

First of all, you need to start oral anti-biotics to prevent the infection from spreading[It can even go to the brain! ]. The wound will need cleansing,dressing and letting out of pus.

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