Question by  Courtney (19)

What can I do about a protruding collar bone?


Answer by  moder (37)

Unfortunately, a protruding collar bone is not somthing that can be corrected without major plastic surgery. The doctor would have to shave the bone to reduce the protrusion and that would also weaken a major structural bone. The best way to fix this is to wear clothing that hides the bone.


Answer by  gold (93)

That might be something you want to get checked out by your doctor. A protruding collar bone may be caused by several things such as an enlarged lymph node that can feel like your collar bone, or it could be a bone lesion. Either way, be safe see your doctor.


Answer by  jngonnella (45)

You could wear a shirt or blouse that provides enough coverage to camouflage it or consult an orthopedic surgeon for reconstruction.


Answer by  just1 (131)

A protruding collar bone should be looked at by a Doctor, to see what has caused the bone to dislocate. If the issue is simply cosemetic, a Plastic Surgeon may work on the area. If surgery is not an option, clothes that take away emhasis from the area can be worn.


Answer by  Lu (78)

Most people just live with a protruding collar bone. The alternative is surgery to realign the collar bone usually with the insertion of hardware (screws,plates). If you are not experiencing pain it is probably best to do nothing.


Answer by  Anonymous

It cannot be corrected. Meat and/or muscle will cover it up.


Answer by  montree (354)

If your worried about how it looks, consider wearing high cut shirts, bulky sweaters, and turtle necks in the winter. If your worried about the protrusion for medical reasons, see a bone specialist. Most insurance companies will pay for that type of doctor. If it isn't causing you pain, there is generally nothing to worry about.


Answer by  April (296)

A protruding collar bone has to be corrected through surgery. There is nothing that can be done without the assitance from a physician or orthopedic surgeon.


Answer by  Leslie308 (241)

First consult a doctor to make sure it is your collar bone and not a gland or tumor. The only fix is surgery or camoflage the area with clothing options.


Answer by  patti (29325)

Find out why it is protruding. You may have a dislocation that pushing the collar bone out. This is usually the case if it is protruding only on one side. See your family doc or visit a chiropractor.


Answer by  pamnyogi (159)

Well,a doctor most likely can go in a break it and then set it in proper position. I do believe that there is some kind of brace to wear.


Answer by  Anonymous

have an mri then show results to an orthrhopdic dr.usually one has more areas affected such as finger and toe joints.this is where i am at present. good luck.

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