Question by  camille (50)

What is the best treatment for a bone that is protruding on the side of my foot?

I have what appears to be a protruding bone on the side of my foot, could I have broken it, or is it a bunion?


Answer by  kmaslowski (53)

You should get an x-ray of the foot to help identify the problem. One possibility is a bone spur, calcium deposits that form on the bone and can be quite painful. A protruding bone could also signify a dislocation in the metatarsals of the foot. Visit a podiatrist for an accurate diagnosis.


Answer by  Teresa18 (304)

This happened to my mom - it was just a dislocation. Start by going to a podiatrist to get it checked out first and to make sure there is no muscle or nerve damage. He/she will be able to help ease the bone back into place through exercise or other methods. A Chiropractor may be able to help with this.


Answer by  worker7186 (198)

I have found that it could be a couple of things. I could be a bunion, that's if its located below your pinky toe. You could also have arthritis, Hallux limitus, that's where the joint jams and the two bones rub against each other. If you bone is actually protruding out your skin though go to the doctor its broken.


Answer by  sivakumar23 (189)

Keep your foot always clean and wash it with hot water just follow this every day you will never get pain.

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