Question by  sneeze1993 (5)

I had a bone removed because of recurring bone spurs. Will that bone grow back?

I had surgery 3 weeks ago.


Answer by  MathWiz (1408)

Without knowing specifics, I would say no. Bones heal, but don't really grow back. Can bone spurs come back again? Yes, they can. I recommend you consult your doctor.


Answer by  Travis404607 (3916)

This all depends on what bone you had removed, and how big the bone was. If you had an entire bone removed, it will not grow back. If you had a piece of bone removed, normally up to an inch of bone can regenerate, though it may not have the same strength as the original bone.

Reply by sneeze1993 (5):
the bone was as big as a penny, im not sure what bone it was  add a comment
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