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Question by  annagrima (3)

What can be used instead of rice bran oil in making a cake?

I cannot find rice bran oil in my country.


Answer by  qos (226)

Any other oil will do, you will just not get the flavour of the rice bran oil, or it's nutritional profile.


Answer by  HelpfulAndy (1107)

You can use any oil, vegetable oil or olive oil should work out just fine. Stay away from motor oil though!


Answer by  Ssmyser (4)

i sugest Pennut oil or Almond Oil or Olive oil amount coud be dependent on witch type of oil you use.


Answer by  annagrima (3)

Thanks for your reply SNIPPETS. Much appreciated. I was told to use SUNFLOWER OIL, should I use the same amount as it was for RICE BRAN OIL This is for a BLUEBERRY AND COCONUT CAKE. Thanks a million. Please notify me if someone replies.

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