Question by  aadams (19)

How can I make a baby buggy cake?

I want to make a cake for a baby shower myself. I can envision an adorable cake, but I'm not sure how to make it.


Answer by  MaTwosey (332)

Wilton makes a "baby buggy" pan. But, if you'd like to shape it yourself, Use a large round cake. Slice the cake in half to form the bottom. Cut 1/3 of the remaining half for the awning. Depending on the size of the buggy, the wheels can be small round cakes or purchased round snack cakes such as ring dings


Answer by  Silvia (182)

Go to the library and search through books on making decorative cakes. You can search online too. Many books will have step by step directions how to make these cute cakes.


Answer by  CourtneyVM (43)

Try doing a search on google,ask,food network, or even youtube. Youtube I believe is the best one to visit because they may have a video with someone giving step by step instructions on how to make a baby buggy cake


Answer by  sona (36)

A baby buggy cake can easily be made by cutting a quarter of a watermelon off, scooping out the fruit, and using sliced of orange for the wheels.


Answer by  julie39 (171)

The simplest way would to be to purchase a cake mold in that shape. Or you can take a sheet cake and cut it out yourself and then decorate to your liking. There are also many suggestions and directions in magazines, cookbooks or online. It requires attention to detail and patience, good luck!

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