Question by  pammy86 (13)

What breed would make a good family watchdog?

Size doesn't matter.


Answer by  MsVet (38)

A watchdog does a good job alerting a family if a stranger is approaching. Watchdog breeds include the chihuahua, pomeranian, airdale, Boston terrier, schipperke, miniature pinscher, and pekingese. These dogs will alert the family but will likely not attack. Good guarddogs include bullmastiff, German shepherd, giant schnauzer, akita, doberman, rottweiler, and Staffordshire terrier. The bullmastiff is especially good for families.


Answer by  myhelle (72)

A rottweiller makes a wonderful watchdog because they are very confident, strong and loyal to their families. They are very loving and are safe to have around kids, but not recommended to have around infants unless the dog is kept outside.


Answer by  Roland27 (16334)

Labrador Retrievers and Golden Retrievers are the two best breeds for families. Not only are they great with kids but they are EXTREMELY LOYAL to their family. They bark when intruders come in and if they think something isn't right they will protect the members of their family. They aren't loyal to just one person, but the whole family.


Answer by  diva (168)

A Germnan Shepard is a great family dog and very good guard dogs. They are feircly loyal and protective! They are very good with children, making them good in a family environment. It is good that size doen't matter because they can get up 72 pounds, which makes them pretty large if you have small children in the house.


Answer by  dcrusher59 (590)

When you are talking about personal protection you are usually talking about a larger breed of greater than 50 pounds. This is generally in the German Shepard, Doberman and most mid to larger sized breeds. Any dog can be trained to protect it's owner, larger dogs are considered better.


Answer by  pooppoop (9)

A rottweiler

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