Question by  sonicforshorthand (25)

What are Virginia's grandparents' visitation laws?

My grandchild has moved to Virginia and I am moving there soon.


Answer by  katharine (3981)

There usually aren't general laws regarding grandparents' visitation unless you have some form of custody. If the guardian of your child won't let you have visitation, you can take them to court.


Answer by  Vladimir (459)

Though grandparents enjoy some visitation rights; getting a court order to enforce the same is very difficult, unless the petitioning grandparent can prove that denying the visitation will result in some harm to the child. In such a case, the (high) burden of proof is on the grandparent.


Answer by  Advisor (1032)

Existing visitation arrangements will be honored in any new state. However, if you do not have already, petition the new county court to review the case and award visitiation.


Answer by  MrH (21)

A Virginia Supreme Court case, Williams vs. Willams, found, over the objections of the parents, that visitation with grandparents was desirable. The Court of Appeals upheld the ruling, noting the paramount rights of parents. To have legal standing, harm to the child's health or welfare would have to be shown as a result of the absence of such visitation.

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