Question by  mavery (62)

What are some great craft projects for national grandparents day?

I run a day care and need some ideas for national grandparents day activities.


Answer by  abecedairy (83)

Ribbon hugs. Materials: felt, ribbon, paint, scissors, glue. Cut ribbon the length of child's arms held out from side to side. Dip hands in paint, press onto felt. Cut around handprints, glue to ends of ribbon. Write "A hug from me to you!" on the ribbon and the child's name.


Answer by  tamkees (3203)

Greeting cards offer an almost endless opportunity for variety. Picture frames are another no-fail option. You can also use twigs to create an easel for hand-drawn artwork.


Answer by  CarolynOsborne (2804)

Ask the children's parents to scan photographs of the family into the computer. Then print out the pictures and let each child create a collage of his/her family pictures. You can do that for the front of a homemade card. Older children can write something on the inside of the card. The younger children can dictate their message.


Answer by  saloon (64)

The children could make cards for their grandparents. They could also make paper or tissue flowers. You could also provide them with a drawing related to the grandparents and ask them to color and give to their grandparents. The children could be given paper plates and asked to draw their grandparent's face on them.


Answer by  nupsmommy (375)

Trace and cut out the arm span of each child onto butcher paper. Then glue large pink or red hearts into the center. Decorate. You are giving hugs!

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