Question by  Rachel67 (41)

How does one go about changing the visitation rights of a non-custodial parent?

My boyfriend is the non custodial parent and he wants more visitation.


Answer by  Gingercakes (920)

Your boyfriend needs to get a lawyer and go to court. He may or may not win. I would show a diary or evidence of why he wants more visitation and what he plans on doing with the kids during this time. Be prepared to drop some money for this.


Answer by  tru (144)

Get an attorney and file a motion for visitation to be reviewed. The judge will review to see if visitation should be altered and review what you are asking form. Most go by state guidelines. Make sure you are getting the child at any and all visitations that are allowed now. They will review it all.


Answer by  Shar (54)

To change visitation rights two options are mediation (much less expensive) to come up with an agreement between both parties, or hire an attorney to prepare for a court hearing. A judge will modify your parenting plan visitation schedule in this situation. It really depends on how both parties communicate.


Answer by  joshandeleisa (331)

He is going to have to get an attorney and file a petition to seek more visitation. Other than going before the courts to request this and hope there is no reason it would not be granted, you can talk to the custodial parent and see if an agreement can be met for visitation schedule.


Answer by  Angela17 (697)

In order to change this, a court date has to be scheduled. You dont have to have an attorney but its always good to have one just in case.


Answer by  tamarawilhite (17883)

Changes in visitation require a visitation plan be filed and approved by the family court. You can also arrange it through a mediator. More visitation can also mean more support.

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