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Question by  lee1026 (14)

What are typical Grand Cherokee Power steering problems?

My power steering in my Jeep is going out and I would like suggestions on what could be causing it.


Answer by  mdjames26 (533)

The first thing to check is to ensure that there is a full supply of power steering fluid in the lines from the engine to the reservoir. If you check that and there is adequate fluid then the next thing to check is to make sure there are no kinks in the hoses restricting the flow of the fluid.


Answer by  RedPrelude (15)

Try replacing the power steering pump. If that doesn't work, check the hose that goes from the front of the pump to the back of the fan. If that has fluid leaking out, replace the o-ring.


Answer by  Amber40 (24961)

The main problems with any power steering systems are usually do to wear. Internal components get too worn. Proper maintenance should be followed to make it last a long time.


Answer by  Steve65 (33)

The power steering pump whines the entire time you drive the vehicle and its worse while turning the steering wheel.


Answer by  DDragicevic (172)

When you drive long and winding roads, be caerful! The wheels will tend to go offroad and you really have to grab hard the controls in order to stay on paved underground.


Answer by  japratt (1687)

The normal power steering problems would have to be some of the wiring. Some of the wiring may be loose in it.

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