Question by  doodles1982 (21)

What are these black worms I found in my bathroom?


Answer by  choctaw (361)

Probably a silverfish. They feed on cellulose residue from shampoo and shaving cream. They also feed on caulk and glue in your tub and shower walls. They are harmless and can live anywhere in your home. To get rid of them safely, use pyrethrum powder found at hardware stores. It is safe to use around kids and pets.


Answer by  nakigara (13)

It's difficult to say without a picture or more information, but I would guess that they are the larvae of some sort of fly, and are probably just feeding off of bacteria or other microbial growth in a wet environment. Most likely harmless, but if they bother you, cleaning with bleach will probably take care of them.


Answer by  maripilly (3)

yeah i have the same problem now and i thinks that is because there is nnot enough cleaning in the bathroom i boiled some water and i added bleach and soap and there are uselly hided in the bottom of things such as the toilet and other things

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