Question by  selva12 (11)

What are the theories of leadership?


Answer by  Zaka (2315)

They are paradigmatic approaches to understand how the actions, postures and perceptions of guiding agents in a society are developed and maintained through social structures and culture. These studies may not refer to individual leaders as such, focusing instead on leadership actions which may take the form of an organization or movement.


Answer by  pounces (16)

Theories of leadership include, but are not limited to the following. Having ambition and drive to lead others to success. Having confidence in one's self to lead. You must believe in yourself before others will follow you. Most importantly you must be honest. Great leaders have used these examples to lead themselves and their followers to success.


Answer by  dar25 (123)

Leadership Theories include Trait (you inherit leadership capability), Behavioral (leaders are made, not born), Transformational (passionate visionaries become leaders), Situational and Contingency (multiplicity of factors affect leadership behavior), Participative (decisions are not autocratic; they are consensual), Transactional (based on reward and punishment), and Great Man/Woman (leaders are born that way).

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