Question by  vlygrl1 (16)

What is the gravity dinosaur extinction theory?

Is this a new theory?


Answer by  lokindra (481)

This is a recent theory. It presumes that movement of the earth's core had the effect of changing gravity - meaning that it is stronger today than when dinosaurs existed.


Answer by  corycubed (42)

This fairly recent theory postulates that gravity was weaker during the time of the dinosaurs, possibly due to Earth being closer to the Moon or Sun, which counterbalanced Earth's gravity. Dinosaurs, unable to support their own weight, rapidly perished, while smaller mammals and reptiles were affected much less and thus survived the change in gravity.


Answer by  DDragicevic (172)

This is brand new. Basically, the thorey states that the dinosaurs died out after planet earth accumulated more and more mass, thus increasing gravity. This happened because more meteorites fell on earth at around the time of the dinosaurs' extinction.


Answer by  Jamie0108 (61)

The gravity extinction theory is not a new theory. This theory involves the displacement of the super-continent pangea. The displacement of pangea had raised sea level, more activity of volcano, and released methane from under the sea.


Answer by  mrandy (140)

It is a fairly new theory, that states that mass extinction of dinosaurs occurred because of change in earths gravitational field, which got more intense as the surface developed.


Answer by  seantsy2 (120)

yes.the theory is about the different gravity of the earth .Gravity Theory presumes that the gravity during the time when the dinosaurs existed was weaker than what it is today.

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