Question by  laurentinojaimes (24)

What is normal baby movement at 27 weeks pregnant?

I'm looking into fetal movement during pregnancy.


Answer by  Dana46 (2345)

At 27 weeks fetal movement is fairly pronounced. The mother will very likely have no questions as to determining if it is a kick from the baby, or indigestion. Often times the baby's movements are opposite the mother's- when mom is laying down, baby is active!


Answer by  suze (333)

This is a difficult question. I had four pregnancies - all boys. One was more active during the entire pregnancy but all of them slow down during the last month. My theory is, they are so cramped near the end that they have a hard time moving.


Answer by  jaspat28 (78)

There is no "normal" amount at this stage. If you are very slender you will most likely feel movement more than a woman who is overweight. It also depends on if its your first pregnancy or not because with second and subsequent pregnancies you feel more movement earlier in pregnancy.


Answer by  Cali2307 (1337)

Fetal movement is different from mother to mother and even baby to baby. The fetus is most active between 24-28 weeks. After that they tend to run out of room to move around as much. The standard is to feel at least ten movements in every two hours.


Answer by  seb (220)

Your baby is obviously moving way before you can feel it, but you can usually feel it between 16 and 20 weeks. By 27 weeks your baby should be very active, but each child is different. Whether or not you have had previous children could weigh in on this because the uterus muscles are more relaxed after your first child.


Answer by  shenbaha (14)

it have a few hard kicks but it's not that often. But can't say that the movement is continuous and stomach moving with the baby's movements.

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