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Question by  ouprobablylackthedisciplinetosti (64)

What are the symptoms of shin splints?

I think I have them.


Answer by  craftheart (392)

Symptoms of shin splines include pain on the inside lower half of the shin. It begins to hurt at the onset of excersise, but then eases up. The next morning it will feel more painful than before.


Answer by  champaign9497 (11977)

You won't be able to walk to pain will be too intense for weight bearing. And if you have shin splints you need to get to the doctor right away so they can be treated. If you don't they will come back to cause you trouble years from now. Because they will not heal right.


Answer by  JLM (54)

Shin splints generally exert the following symptoms: sharp pain with impact of foot to the ground while running, jumping or marching. To resolve the issue many people find relief by simply using a calf sweat band.


Answer by  vietnamgirls (1177)

If you feel throbbing or aching in your shins it could be shin splints. Shin splints are actually a symptom of a number of conditions. Some of these include irritated or swollen muscles from overuse, stress fractures or overpronation, commonly referred to as flat feet. Shin splints are a fairly common problem in runners.


Answer by  genuis2010 (123)

Dull pain in the leg while working out is the most common symptom. The area where pain is felt is right below the knee on the outer surface of leg.

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