Question by  Brenna (18)

What are the symptoms of flesh eating bacteria?

I need to understand the symptoms of flesh eating bacteria disease.


Answer by  debmalewski (1085)

Generally it's a wound that does not heal, and keeps getting larger in size. It's difficult to treat this kind of bacteria as it may be resistant to many antibiotics.


Answer by  regal32 (36)

Some symptoms of flesh-eating bacteria disease are sudden and severe pain in a localized area, fever, nausea, vomiting, fatigue, or flu-like symptoms. On the possibly infected area you might notice redness, irritation, heat, swelling, or fluid-filled blisters. If the infection worsens, you might experience signs of shock or scaling and peeling in the infected area.


Answer by  spragoo (1500)

The first symptom will be a itching and irritation about the size of a dime. It will turn into a sore that keeps getting bigger. Run to the doctor immediately!


Answer by  Anonymous

the flesh is away.

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