Question by  felicity709 (10)

Is there a human flesh eating bug?


Answer by  ambi901 (473)

Well Maggots can eat flesh not good flesh but they do eat dead flesh. and Army ants i do belieave eat it as well


Answer by  Binome (1975)

Many insects exist that eat dead flesh (some maggots are even used to clean wounds, since they leave the living flesh alone) but few eat live flesh. Army ants can and will swarm and eat living creatures. Botflies lay eggs in living tissue, and the larva eats its way out.


Answer by  Alisa23 (82)

Maggots are famous for eating flesh! That includes human flesh. They usually eat dead flesh only so sometimes they are used to clean wounds! Look up army ants too!


Answer by  Carl0993 (107)

If you consider leeches to be bugs, then yes there are. Leeches eat the uppermost section of your skin. There are also some variation of flies that inject their eggs into your bloodstream, which then hatch and eat your flesh from the inside out. Although reportedly these flies are only found in South America.


Answer by  HeidiW (371)

There are a lot of insects that do medicine they use maggots to eat the bad tissue or to clean a wound.Army-ants are also known to eat human flesh.


Answer by  sivakumar23 (189)

Yes, it is a bacteria it's name is streptococcus. we can see this in microscope. it eats dead body. we can product the dead body by keeping it in ice bar or cool place. because it needs some temperature for it's lives. we can not see it in our necked eyes


Answer by  worker6012 (45)

There are some bacterias which are human flesh eating. Most common flesh eating are from "Clostridium family". The most species of bacteriae are flesh eating.

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