Question by  jboston19 (30)

What are symptoms of too much potassium?

I am afraid that I am eating too many bananas.


Answer by  KatDay (104)

Hyperkalemia can be dangerous. The biggest danger is cardiac arrythmias and even cardiac arrest. Other symptoms may include body weakness, paralysis, or numbness

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it happened to me.. except the dying part.. i had heart failure resulting in a stroke in which my heart stopped for 20 secs. doc. said high potassium was the reason, triggered by an anxiety attack.  add a comment

Answer by  abby87 (40)

Eating anything in moderation is always advised, eating too many foods with high potassium levels may cause you to suffer with constipation.


Answer by  jalucia (936)

Hyperkalemia is the name for it and, it's usually severe before symptoms show. It's usually detected through blood tests, so ask your doc for one. Also, check your blood sugar.


Answer by  Bananas (5)

Nausea, fatigue and muscle weakness are major signs. Usually there will be no evident signs unless you are taking potassium supplements.


Answer by  bubbyboy (9929)

Unless you are taking a suppliment also, it's kind of hard to get too much potassium from food. Potassium overdose makes your heart beat too fast and you get really lightheaded.


Answer by  MKAVYA (14)

Potassium is one of the vitamins. In bananas more potassium. Eat daily two bananas. Potassium in our body is more it will affected in lunges and kidney. Please minimum colories food.


Answer by  jnkrgl07 (41)

Too much potassium is called hyperkalemia. Your muscles and nerves become overly sensitive and will start to malfunction. You may also experiance irregular heartbeat or palpitations. Unexplained fatigue and nausea are other symptoms. I'd recommend that you cut out potassium rich foods like bananas if you have these symptoms.

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