Question by  whitney (19)

What are the different types of pond bacteria?

I need to know what kind of bacteria to be concerned about in my pond.


Answer by  vikramtiwari (28)

Ponds are rich in both harmful and useful bacteria. the harmful ones include Amoeba,E. Coli,Cyanobacteria(which can cause blooms).


Answer by  Anonymous

Look for autotrophic (self-feeding) or heterotrophic (decomposers) bacteria. The heterotrophs break down wastes from fish into ammonia that is consumed by aerobic autotrophs. Aerobic bacteria freshen the air with excreted oxygen, instead of methane, which is produced by methanogenic bacteria. Beware of them.


Answer by  prathibhamenon (96)

. Pond bacteria reduce ammonia and nitrite levels and eats and digest the organic waste from fish or leaves and converts into water and carbon dioxide. Pond bacteria liquid, 1 or z packet, 1 or z blocks/barely straw, barely straw 8 or z packets are the types of bacteria.

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