Question by  teagal (19)

What are the steps to create a crackle paint look?

I would like to paint my older dresser to appear as if the top is crackled, or cracked paint.


Answer by  Mazer (173)

Make sure the surface of the dresser is clean and dry and apply a coat of crackle medium to the wood. Allow the medium to dry and then apply a coat of flat latex paint on top of it. As that paint drys it will crackle. After the paint drys, protect it with a coat of clear acrylic finish.


Answer by  GilFinn (2065)

To create the look yourself is a long, involved and difficult process. Check The Home Depot or Lowe's paint section for kits that will give you just what you want.


Answer by  AlexW (407)

First step is proper materials. You need at least two products, depending on how much the color scheme matters. If it matters a lot, and you want to use your 'own' colors, get a special 'crackle' medium, plus two paints. Alternatively, there are special spray cans that come in two.

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