Question by  raquel (25)

What are the steps for creating internal control procedures?

I am creating a business model for school.


Answer by  idiotjones (705)

The process for creating internal control procedures can be summed up in the following general protocol. First a process is defined to insure the inputs will yield desired outputs. Then the process is evaluated for efficacy. The process is then optimized to eliminate or reduce waste. Finally, the finalized process is documented.


Answer by  Dea (73)

You should start making a list of the main procedures, then you verify which procedures are transversal, and which ones might be used in different departments. Then you can start going deeper into the workflows, checking them out together with the people working on them, to finish the job in a written form where to mention all the workflows steps.


Answer by  tamarawilhite (17883)

Determine the standards to which your organization must follow, like GAAP accounting or CMMI business practices or ISO 9000. Then write your internal procedures to meet those standards.

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