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Question by  spriteguy (43)

What are the steps for removing hair color?

I dyed my hair and I'm sorry I did.


Answer by  Connie45 (1110)

There are commercial hair color removers on the market. However, to make your own, you must obtain a plastic applicator bottle, and also some peroxide that is used to mix with color. Instead of mixing it with color, you will add 2 oz. to the applicator bottle along with 2 oz. of shampoo. Apply and rinse.


Answer by  Tini (221)

The only way to remove unwanted permanent haircolor is to use a lightener to break up the color and dye hair another color once you've achieved the desired level of lightness. If you'd like to stay the same level or go darker, just dye your hair a different color.


Answer by  Jenny25525 (708)

Well if you want to remove the hair color you need to buy a shampoo that removes the hair color. Or if you want it removed professionally then you can go to any kind of salon and get it done. I suggest just using lemon as well as a home remedy.


Answer by  Rohitbgm (11)

Just re-colour with a dark colour that suits your hair especially if the hair colour you applied is lighter and hence the colour that you applied previously will vanish with a new hair colour that you apply.But,if applied darker and want to remove the same,then apply Loreal's "Hair Colour Removal" or any other hair colour removal brand.

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