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Question by  Sarajuana79 (27)

What are the steps in replacing the control module in a Lebaron transmission?

I need to replace the control module in my Lebaron and would like instructions on how to do so.


Answer by  naveenvishnu (20)

Transmission control modules are usually located on one side of the trans. Most of them have a clip, removable with a screwdriver. Remove the sending unit wire carefully. The last step is to unscrew the module. Clean the threads with carb cleaner and screw a new on in. Replace the clip and wire and your done.


Answer by  dee73 (1062)

Disconnect the battery,jack the car up and remove the transmission so you can get to the control module.Once the trans is moved unbolt the bolts holding the modular in place.Remove it and now you are ready to place the new one in.You can replace the bolts to hold the modular, and replace the transmission, reconnect the battery.


Answer by  Mack36 (40)

To replace the TCM you will need to disconnect the battery. Remove the connector to the TCM. Remove the TCM and replace with new. Reconnect the connector and then the battery. You will need to drive it for a while for the TCM to relearn shifts.


Answer by  cgrid76hotmailcom (545)

Drop the transmission first so you can get to the control module .Once you got the trans out remove the bo;ts that hold it in to place .Then when you got that done

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