Question by  jjh (21)

How do I replace the internal battery in a laptop?

I am having issues with my laptop internal battery. I have no idea where to begin with replacing it?


Answer by  BrokenWits (382)

Search for your model of laptop online, and it will tell you where the battery. Most laptops will have a button or lever to release the battery.


Answer by  dr84bhl (2789)

The battery can be found at the base of the laptop and clips out. Sometimes the battery works lose and does not fully charge. Take battery out clean any dust particles with soft clean dry cloth, clip battery back in. To replace go to company you bought laptop from they may be able to help if this does not help.


Answer by  freyafreay (76)

All laptop batteries are removable, even secondary batteries. They will have a button or a sliding release switch that must be pushed before the battery can be pulled out of the laptop. Some laptops will have a sticker or a raised graphic indicating the battery location. You can also find where the battery is by looking on the laptop website.


Answer by  alrightythen (74)

It should be easy to replace the battery in your laptop. First, turn the laptop over and locate the tab that can remove it. Usually it will just slide out. Then, go online, search google or ebay for the model of your laptop plus "battery" or "replacement battery". Purchase. Once you have received it, slide it back into the laptop.


Answer by  Anonymous

First step is to locate the internal battery. It's location varies between laptop models. Usually it is in the bottom part. Flip the laptop over and open the battery cover. Sometimes there are wires connected to the battery. Ask the help of technician to remove the battery connectors.

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