Question by  Roger44 (115)

What are the sounds of a tornado?

I want to be prepared when tornados are predicted in my area.


Answer by  catman529 (809)

Everyone always says an approaching tornado sounds like an approaching train - or multiple trains, in some cases.


Answer by  scyllatwo (226)

Well, if you do not live in the vicinity of a train station, and you hear what sounds like the Amtrak coming down yuour street, I'd head for the basement if I were you. Because that's exactly what a tornado sounds like -- a train barreling around the corner in your neighborhood.


Answer by  maber (1427)

Most people that have been through a tornado describe hearing the sounds of a freight train right before the tornado hit. Some places have loud warning sirens that they will sound off when there is a tornado in the area and you need to take cover. You will also hear the wind picking up quickly.


Answer by  EvaDorey (72)

I live in Kansas,Tornado alley,from what Ihave heard from people who have been in a tornado it sounds like a freight train.


Answer by  shandilyan (180)

The sounds of Tornado depends on what it is hitting,it's size,intensity,closeness and other factors. The most of tornado sound is a continuous rumble, like a closeby train. Sometimes a tornado produce a loud whooshing sound, like that of a waterfall or of open cars windows while driving very fast,like freight train roaring down the tracks.

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