Question by  ElizaMonroe (3)

What is a multiple vortex tornado?

I thought a tornado was a huge vortex.


Answer by  kn80 (69)

Tornadoes can be made of a single large vortex. However, multiple vortexes are common and may actually be present in all tornadoes. These tornadoes may be composed entirely of smaller vortexes or they may be a large vortex surrounded by smaller vortexes. Scientists still have much to learn about tornadoes.


Answer by  mammakat (11147)

Yes, a tornado is a vortex, but can also contain several vortices inside of, and part of the main vortex- this is part of the incredible dynamics that make a tornado such an incredible force of physics and such an amazingly powerful and destructive natural occurrence.


Answer by  Kbrece (107)

A vortex is a part of every tornado so there is at least one. When there are multiple ones, it is because there are several smaller ones which rotate INSIDE of the main vortex - So they are PART of the main vortex - It is not multiple tornadoes and may be difficult to see.


Answer by  meghanwagner (18)

It's a tornado that has several different vortices part from the main vortex. This means that their are two or more vortices surrounding or rotating around the main vortex. You find these most in very bad tropical cyclones and also when the tornado first is forming.


Answer by  MB64 (10)

It actually started out with more than one vortex, then it usually combines and rotates inside the main vortex and becomes one huge vortex.

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