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Question by  Mosiagi (1)

Why does my ear make the sound of a drum being tapped?

It's just one of my ears. It sounds makes a sound like a drum skin being tapped or an inflated balloon being touched. It started after I got out of the shower and is still happening now after about half an hour. What could cause it? How can I get rid of it? Should I be concerned?


Answer by  Jessie124 (1885)

You might have water behind your ear, especially since it happened after a shower. You can put some peroxide in your ear and that should help to dry it out. Use cotton with vaseline on the outside to keep from getting water in your ears in the future. You can get an infection if you let the water stay there.


Answer by  dryuha (735)

Most likely that the water gets into your ear when you had your shower. However, if it last longer you are advised to go and see ENT specialist to rule other causes. This symptoms is called tinnitus. It could be due to ear infection or other disease for example Meneire's disease.


Answer by  AHPapp (39)

Your ear drum is close to a main artery in your neck. An increase in blood pressure can cause your ear drum to pick up the sound of your heartbeat.


Answer by  jheremans (1446)

The most probable cause of this would be that water got in your ear an hasn't drained out so I would suggest you pull your ear back and up to open it up and then lay on that affected ear and wait for the water to drain.

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